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Download Your Music from Google Play

Getting ready for the Apocalypse? Preparing to go underground?  You just found out your ISP is going to start giving you a data cap on your home network?  Whatever your reason, have you ever wanted to download the music that you are storing in your Google Play account?

If so, read on and I’ll walk you through this very simple process.

First, you’ll need to log on to your Google Play account from a browser – this works best on a computer and not a mobile device.


Next click on the Music tab:




Then click on My Music:


At this point you will be looking at the ‘Listen Now’ section.  Google is heavily trying to get you to listen to their music service and sign up for a monthly fee.  That’s your call, but we are here to download the music you already own.


So first click the hamburger menu then click ‘My Library’.


OK, you’re finally looking at the music you own.  Let’s get down to business.  Choose an artist that you want to download.


Click the artist so you can see the albums that you have, next choose the album you want to download (this also works for individual songs) and hover over it until you see the little dots on the bottom right.


Choose ‘Download Album’ and next you’ll be presented with a message telling you that you can only download an album two times.  (So make it count and don’t lose the files after you have completed the download.)


Choose the file location where you want your music to be stored:


Click Download Now and you’ll see an icon for just a few seconds (depending on your network speed), once it disappears your music is downloaded to your device!  Now you can listen to your tunes without giving away your location to the man.  Enjoy!



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