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Setting up NAS with Auto Backups on the rPi

Edit – Logmein killed Pirvoxy, so this part of the article no longer work. ūüôĀ ¬†Now I use OpenVPN, it’s cleaner anyway.   Alright here’s the follow up to my last post, Share WiFi to Wired Connection with Ubuntu. So I set up the rPi with rdesktop, gedit,¬†ntfs-3g,¬†Samba, Hamachi, Privoxy and rsync to build my …

Share WiFi to Wired Connection with Ubuntu

So I bought my second Raspberry Pi and it was delivered last week. ¬†I have barely been able to contain myself waiting to set it up. ¬†However work is crazy right now and I worked till Midnight (started at 7 AM) two nights last week and it was son’s 4th birthday and my wife and …